Interested in joining our team of dedicated volunteers?

**Nanaimo Search and Rescue is not currently planning an intake for Ground Search and Rescue (GSAR) Members at this time**

Nanaimo Search and Rescue (NSAR) services are delivered by a dedicated team of GSAR (field search and rescue personnel) and non-GSAR (Auxilliary support) members.  GSAR and Auxiliary members must commit a minimum of 100 or 50 hours annually, respectively, and maintain qualifications in various skills to remain in good standing. 

What training or skills are required to be accepted into NSAR?

While many of our members bring a suite of outdoor and other relevant skills, these are not necessary to be accepted.  NSAR strongly values members with leadership, dedication and strong interpersonal skills who are readily available to support search and rescue as well as day-to-day association activities.

The Justice Institute of British Columbia’s (JIBC) Ground Search and Rescue training program is the foundation of becoming a GSAR member and is delivered locally by NSAR. This provides students with the necessary practical experience in emergency response, search methodologies, navigation, survival and related skills. The training and testing culminates in a final 24 hour skills and survival test.  Once a volunteer is certified in GSAR, further training may be available in advanced skills such as Rope or Swiftwater rescue, tracking, or first aid, to name a few. Eligibility for participation in advanced training may have additional pre-requisites.

When will NSAR be recruiting next?

NSAR continuously monitors its capacity to meet the demands for search and rescue services and carries out recruitment activities as needed.  Typically, NSAR conducts a fall recruitment drive and intake once every 1-3 years. NSAR recently completed an intake for GSAR in the Spring of 2022 and does not currently have another intake planned at this time. 

Still interested?  Check back on our web-page or follow us on Facebook for information on the next intake. 

Already GSAR trained through a recognized BC Search and Rescue Organization? Please contact 

I am interested in becoming an Auxiliary Support member?  

Supporting NSAR takes a wide variety of skills that may be undertaken by GSAR or non-GSAR members ranging from web-site design, data entry/database management, hall/equipment maintenance, fundraising to membership on ou r Board of Directors.  To be considered for Auxiliary membership, applicants must demonstrate strong initiative, have relevant specialty skills and prior volunteer experience. Note that acceptance as an Auxiliary does not guarantee future acceptance into the GSAR program.  While we are not accepting applications at this time, you may direct your enquiries to Include clear description of your area of interest (skill) and prior volunteer experience.